Automotive Apprenticeship Annual benchmark Reports


Latest 2009/2010 Report

The apprenticeship report attached covers the four UK Nations, starts and achievements across apprenticeship frameworks within the automotive sector.

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An annual benchmark review has been carried out to identify the number of learners, and success rates of learners for each automotive framework currently under the responsibility of IMI.  Where data is available these research reports highlight the profile of learners and the number of learners progressing from level 2 to level 3 Apprenticeship frameworks.* 

*Note currently only Scotland has 2008/2009 data - the other Nations reports will be refreshed as soon as data is available.

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  England Annual Funded Apprentice Report - 2008/9    
  Information coming shortly
  Scotland - Annual Apprentice Report 2008/2009     
   Wales - Annual Apprentice Report 2007/2008

 It should be noted that data sources for the Scotland and Northern Ireland Annual Benchmark run from April to April (financial year) rather than Sept-Sept (academic year).

Research shows benefits of automotive apprenticeships

Research from The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) shows that apprentices in the automotive sector find the whole experience positive and believe it has been beneficial for their future career.

The research found that the benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship included learning and developing job skills relating to current work or for future employment, improving job prospects and gaining valuable qualifications. Employment prospects also improved following a successful completion of an apprenticeship with 83% of those questioned finding work immediately following their completion. 45% of these found employment with the same employer they did their apprenticeship with.

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Apprentice Research Executive Summary

Automotive Apprenticeships Report

Benefits of apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a sound investment bringing significant business benefits, according to new research published by Apprenticeship Ambassadors Network (AAN),

The benefits of Apprenticeships highlighted by the research include:
·     increased productivity and quality of work
·     a more innovative workforce
·     reduced staff turnover
·     a better fit between employee skills and company requirements
·     skilled young recruits to replace an ageing workforce
·     developing a pool of potential future managers

At this time it is crucial that businesses continue to invest in apprenticeships and training in order to ensure that we have a work-ready workforce as the economy picks up.

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Apprentice Employment in Independent Garages

This report illustrates findings from a telelphone survey of the independent garage sector on apprentice employment and training designed to examine current attitudes.

Independent garage sector survey

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