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Sun Diagnostics teams up with IMI in skills drive


Here’s the scenario. A new vehicle has a clear ignition misfire, yet initial diagnosis fails to show any fault codes being triggered. The technician changes the coil cartridge but the fault persists. The ECU is replaced and then the injectors, still to no avail. Finally, by using the graphing mode on an advanced diagnostic system, the problem is quickly traced to a faulty EGR valve. Such is the increasing sophistication of today’s vehicles, fault symptoms can often lead the technician in the wrong direction, which is potentially expensive to the business.

To help its members develop their diagnostics skills and knowledge, the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) has teamed up with Sun Diagnostics, world leaders in automotive diagnostic information, software and equipment.

A series of ‘technicians topics’ seminars are being planned through the IMI’s regional Member Association network, designed to give technicians practical advice on the processes involved in modern diagnostics as well as the use of advanced diagnostic tools. Attendance at one of these evenings will contribute to the IMI’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement. Content of the seminars will include the following areas:



  • Diagnostics - the way it was

  • Diagnostics - now and in the future

  • Scan tools and fault codes

  • Can you rely solely on fault codes?

  • Why do we need a scope?

  • Practical ‘hands-on’ workshops

Commenting on the new partnership, Sarah Sillars, IMI chief executive, said:

"Offering our members the opportunity to develop their skills is our core mission and we are delighted to be working with one of the industry’s biggest brands to deliver this for their benefit as well as their businesses."

Terry Smith, commercial marketing manager, Sun Diagnostics, added:

"Delivering quality equipment, training, software, information and support to the modern workshop technician is the goal of Sun Diagnostics - ‘Information with Instrumentation’. We are delighted to be working with the IMI to bring this message home."


To obtain details of the next Technicians Topics seminar in your area contact Terry Smith on 01553 692422 or email techsales.uk@snapon.com.