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Long hours for not enough reward but there's still high job satisfaction reveals IMI survey

Most people seem to enjoy working within the retail motor industry, although for many this is at the expense of life outside the business and what is perceived to be a competitive rewards package, according to a survey by the Institute of the Motor Industry.

More than 1,000 members responded to the IMI’s first industry personnel survey, which was designed to identify individual views on the following areas: job security; skills and development training; rewards; work/life balance; and future outlook. The survey found the following results:

  • 97% believe that the retail motor industry needs skilled and qualified people to improve public perceptions
  • 88% claim that their skills are adequate for the job they do
  • 86% have always worked within the motor industry
  • 73% say that their performance could improve with the right training
  • 72% get a great deal of job satisfaction
  • 66% are optimistic about the future success of their employer
  • 62% of employers encourage staff development through further training opportunities
  • 62% are confident that their job is secure
  • 46% feel that they enjoy an acceptable work/life balance
  • 38% believe that they receive a competitive rewards package for the industry
  • 27% say that they expect to be working in another industry or are unsure where they will be in five years’ time

Commenting on the findings, Sarah Sillars, IMI chief executive, said today:

"This survey gives us a snapshot of how people are feeling at work and clearly there are some areas that we, as an industry, can improve upon. We ask a lot of our people and whilst a healthy number of employers are shown to actively encourage personal development, the majority of individuals feel that they could improve their performance with the right training, which would benefit the business."

Continued Sarah:

"The IMI’s programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for its members has seen good early take-up as members acknowledge the benefits of developing their skills and knowledge and it would seem advantageous if this was a culture we could adopt throughout the industry."