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Once you have decided to apply for the advertised position and if the advert states that a CV is needed (providing you have prepared or updated your CV), the next stage is to write a covering letter or letter of application.

The covering letter should introduce you and your CV to the employer and should contain:

  • An introduction and where you saw or heard about the job
  • A brief explanation of how you think you are suited to the job
  • An ending

It is very important that your letter reflects the requirements of the advert. For example if the employer is looking for someone who is prepared to work flexible hours, and this isn’t a problem for you, you should make a point of stating it in the letter. If you have previously spoken to the person about the job, for example over the telephone, make sure this is noted in your letter.

Examples of this could be:

“Thank you for speaking with me yesterday about the role of Senior Technician and providing me with some more information about the job.
I would like to confirm my interest by applying for the position.”

Within your covering letter make sure you clearly state your name, address and a contact telephone number.

Depending on the number of applicants, what generally happens now is that people will be ‘shortlisted’ for the job.  This means the employer will choose the candidates whose CV and covering letter best meets the job requirements.

This is why it is vital that your CV is relevant, current and concise and that your covering letter has been written correctly and addressed to the right person.