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When applying for jobs there are various ways in which you can find out what types of jobs are available:

  • Adverts in your local press
  • Adverts in relevant magazines, for example: Motor Industry Management, Motor Trader
  • Notice boards at your place of work
  • Adverts in local job centres
  • Looking at the Internet, you may have a company Intranet that you can check for job adverts
  • Talking to your line manager about future job prospects.  This can be formally through your appraisal discussion or simply by word of mouth.

Your next step is to look at the advert to see what it requires and what the job can offer you.

Questions you should ask are:

  • Do I have the right skills and knowledge required for the job?
  • Do I have the right qualifications for the job?
  • Do I have the right personal qualities for the job?
  • Does the job pay what I’m looking for?
  • Is the job in the right location for me?
  • What benefits can the job offer me?
  • What career opportunities does the job offer?

If you are happy that the job is what you want, you need to decide what to do next or who to contact. 

Some adverts will ask you to send in your CV with a covering letter, some will ask you to phone and speak to a certain person about the job, some may require you to fill in an application form.

Most adverts will explain what you need to do and it is important that you follow these instructions. 

If the job you are applying for is with someone you already know, the instructions may be similar but a little less formal.