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IMI Magazine Archive

Just in case you’ve missed out, here’s our ‘back numbers’ section, with articles going back to 2003.

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Caterham: Group Effort

It might not get pulses racing as quickly as victory on the track but Caterham Group's best overall stand accolade at this year's Autosport International show represented just the sort of impact the expanding enterprise is looking for, as Gareth Price discovers.

Bodyshop: We want to get back to repairing cars

From SLAs to AMCs, the bodyshop trade has seen vast changes in the last two decades. Former editor of VBRA magazine Body Heather Grant offers her take on an industry desperate to loosen the chokehold of the insurance giants.

Diesel or Petrol

Since the invention of the four-stroke internal combustion engine in the mid 1800s by Nikolaus Otto and the later development of the compression ignition derivative by Rudolf Diesel, there has been a lively debate as to which one is the better engine. In truth they both have advantages and disadvantages.

Ben: A very special Job

My name is Kerry Whitaker and I am a regional development manager for BEN, the automotive industry charity, and before you say you already know about BEN or don’t want to know why another charity needs your money, please spare a few minutes to read this very important article.

HR Owen - Grand Plans

One year on from taking the helm at HR Owen, chief executive Joe Doyle is already seeing a host of changes successfully take effect, as Gareth Price discovers.

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