Scotland - Funding for training

Modern Apprenticeships

1. Modern Apprenticeships are developed with employers and apprentices in mind and are designed so that apprentices can learn in the workplace as well as at college or a training provider. To achieve a Modern Apprenticeship learners must complete a framework, which usually consists of:

· Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) at Level 2 or Level 3

· Core Skills such as communication and numeracy that are relevant to the occupation

· Most apprenticeship frameworks recommend, or in some cases require proof, that the Apprentice has completed training on Employment Rights and Responsibilities. Some frameworks have specific workbooks/programmes which must be completed and evidenced to claim an apprenticeship framework.

• Enhancements: Candidates must undertake one of a number of Vocationally Related Qualifications in the appropriate discipline, such as the IMI Certificate and Diploma in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair.

2. Modern Apprenticeships are available at two levels - level 2 (equivalent to Intermediate 2 - credit standard grade) and level 3 (Higher or Advanced Higher).

3. Learners enter the Modern Apprenticeship at the appropriate level. Most Modern Apprenticeships start working towards SVQ level 3. Some start at SVQ level 2 and move on to SVQ level 3.

4. Modern Apprenticeship frameworks in the automotive retail sector are designed by the IMI with input from industry representatives. This ensures that training is relevant and tailored to the needs of the sector by people who genuinely understand what employer requirements.

5. Modern Apprenticeship frameworks exist for the following sectors of the retail motor industry:

· Vehicle Fitting

· Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

· Vehicle Body and Paint Operations

· Roadside Assistance and Recovery

· Vehicle Parts Operations

• Vehicle Sales

Apprenticeship frameworks are available in generic occupations which may be relevant to the automotive retail sector. Such frameworks include:

· Business Improvement Techniques (BIT)

· Customer Service

· Using IT

· Business Administration

· Accountancy

6. Skills Development Scotland (SDS) is responsible for the funding, management and administration of Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland. It is also responsible for ensuring that the training offered through Modern Apprenticeships is of a high quality.

7. Skillseekers and Modern Apprenticeships are separate national programmes in Scotland. Skillseekers courses are currently being phased out as level 2 Modern Apprenticeships are introduced to replace them. Funding must lead to a level 2 VQ (where still available) or a Modern Apprenticeship certificate. Funding levels are set by Skills Development Scotland and paid to training providers and managing agents who administer the training programme.

8. Employees aged 16 and over can be funded to complete a Modern Apprenticeship programme. Priority is given to learners aged 16-19.

9. Funding is only available for Modern Apprenticeships for learners aged 20+ in targeted key sectors. For the automotive retail sector the priority is maintenance and repair and not sales related qualifications. Details of these sectors is contained in column F and G in the following document http://www.scottish-enterprise.com/publications/contribution_levels_200809_apr_08.xls  (note OBF in row 6 means Output Based Funding and refers to the amount of the total funding held back until completion of the framework)

10. Approximately 70% of Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland are delivered directly by employers. The remaining 30% are delivered by colleges and training providers. For Automotive specific frameworks, however, the majority of programmes are delivered by Colleges and Training Providers. The amount of funding received by the employer, college or training provider for each apprentice varies depending on the particular framework the apprentice is following. Details of the SDS contribution to training and assessment cost are contained in the following table http://www.scottish-enterprise.com/publications/contribution_levels_200809_apr_08.xls

11. Employers, colleges and training providers will receive between £1,550 and £7,500 for each Modern Apprentice that completes a full framework in vehicle maintenance and repair depending on the age of the Modern Apprentice and the level of the Modern Apprenticeship framework.

12. For sales related frameworks the funding is only available for 16-19 year olds and is up to £7,000 for a successful completed framework.

13. Employers of any size in any sector can employ an apprentice.

14.  More information on apprenticeships in Scotland is available at http://www.scottish-enterprise.com/sds-modernapprenticeships

15. More information, including details of apprenticeship vacancies and training providers, is available at the Mappit website http://www.mappit.org.uk/ . Employers can advertise their apprenticeship vacancies at this site.

Funding for Training - Skillseekers

16. Skillseekers helps young people train for a Vocational Qualification. Vocational Qualifications (VQs) are nationally recognised qualifications designed by industry for industry. They are highly practical qualifications, which give people the skills that are needed to do the job. Training and assessments take place in the workplace with additional training, if required, being in a college or with a training provider.

17. Employers are responsible for organising the training under the Skillseekers programme. Employer will probably enlist the help of a training provider or college who will agree a training plan between the employer and the young person.

18. The training plan details of the VQ the employee is working towards, how long it will take and where and when the training will take place.

19. Skillseekers funding is available for people between the ages of 16 and 19 who have left school and have a job or who are looking for work. Trainees over the age of 20 in the engineering and construction related sectors may be eligible for funding to undertake higher level Skillseeker qualifications.

20. Employers, colleges and training providers will receive between approximately £3,000 for each Skillseeker learner that completes a full VQ in vehicle maintenance and repair. Skillseekers does not fund sales related qualifications in the automotive sector. See columns B and C of http://www.scottish-enterprise.com/publications/contribution_levels_200809_apr_08.xls

21. More information for employers on Skillseekers is available at http://www.scottish-enterprise.com/se/sds/sds-ntp/sds-skillseekers.htm

Other Funding for Training

22. ESF funding is regularly used for programmes with specific skills and training objectives. It may be used to target particular regions, skills, industries or sector requiring support or funding which is complementary to mainstream government funding

23. Details of current ESF projects and future funding rounds can be found at http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2008/07/29142711/8

24. Some Local Authorities also provide extra focus or incentives for training, see appropriate local authority website for further details. For example, http://www.glasgow.gov.uk/en/Residents/LearningEmployment_Training/VocationalTraining/

Finding a Training Course, College or Training provider

25. There are a number of sources of advice and information for finding a training course, college or training provider, including http://www.motor.org.uk/scotland/training-providers.html

26. The IMI has a dedicated Development Manager for Scotland - David Massie, who can be contacted via davidm@motor.org.uk

27. Learndirect Scotland provides an on line search facility for finding courses, colleges and training providers. The main point of access is http://www.lds4b.com/centresearch

28. Learndirect Scotland also has a national training advice line for more information about training options. The number is 08456 000 111.

29. Skills Development Scotland's Training Suppliers Directory provides a search facility for finding an employer, college or training provider delivering Modern Apprenticeship or Skillseeker training. The Directory is at: http://apps.scottish-enterprise.com/search/supplierdirectorysearch.aspx?viewtreeid=167408

Quality of Colleges' and Training providers' provision

30. Colleges in Scotland are inspected regularly by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education (HMIE).

31. Employers and training providers delivering Skillseekers and Modern Apprenticeship programmes are required to operate to the Scottish Quality Management System guidlines which can be found at the following website http://www.scottish-enterprise.com/se/sds/sds-training-providers/sds-quality.htm  Skills Development Scotland's Compliance Service is responsible for providing a comprehensive monitoring service covering the Training Providers' compliance with the SDS Programme.

32. Employers can review the latest report from colleges and training providers at the following website. The reports can be used to form an opinion of the overall quality of an institution and the quality of provision for the automotive sector. http://www.hmie.gov.uk/SelectEstablishment.aspx?typeid=4